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Arrow The Super Automation Logic Module

The Super Automation Logic Module
Feel the power of Automation

1 - 240 Logics with 4 linking conditions for each one

2 - AND, OR, NAND, NOR, Linking condition for more powerful automation and control

3 - Logic to Logic linking

4 - 4800 control commands

5 - 255 programming flags

6 - Sunset Sunrise, DTS calculations

7 - Muslim Athan for 5 praying times triggering

8 - When day, week, month, year month to month, year to year triggering

9 - At time, sunset, sunrise, Athan, before after sunset sunrise, Athan, between time to time.

10 - When scene, lighting channel, curtain, sequence

11 - When room temperature value from to triggering

12 - When device flags value change

13 - When security mode (Away, night, off…).

14 - Commands to trigger (lights, Scene, Sequence, curtain, Infrared, SMS, AC temp, rise lower the temp, Music, Lock panel, Set flag)

15 - Delay flags and command time

16 - Self loop repeat functionality.

17 - Bus enabled, connected to the S-bus Network.

18 - Can work with s-bus RS232 to automate any existing installed system

For more info, Manuals, Films and others you can visit our website

For installation and Programming Film you can visit
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