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Question home stereo audio system, advice

Hey guys,

I'm in the market for a new sound system, and we're talking something separate from the tv and video components, that will simply be used for music on a different floor. We need to be able to play CDs and connect the ipod in a user friendly fashion.
I've looked at mini-shelf systems but have no been able to find one I can feel confident about in terms of sound and built quality.

Originally we wanted to go wireless to avoid the hassle of wires and have the freedom to place the speakers whereever we wanted, but we ran into several problems.

#1 we have not been able to find a wireless mini portable system with seperate speakers such as the that has a cd player

#2 the griffin evolve looks great but the batteries in the speakers are not replaceable and like all batteries must die after some time and it also doesn't have a cd player

it seems then that we need to go full system with a receiver, a cd player, and an ipod dock, and get some good speakers. So i need some advice for those components

#1 can you recommend a good stereo receiver
#2 a good cd or dvd player (we wouldn't be using it for dvds but it seems that cd players are being phased out since dvd players play cds)
#3 a good set of speakers for 2.0 system that are not large and don't take up much space, wireless would be great but we kind of dropped that option now because we didn't anything worth that's wireless

All advice from the audio brains out there is greatly appreciated.
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