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Arrow Smart-Bus Power Booster

S-Bus Power booster
That solve all your high Amp load Problems

Are you worried about power load at your home?
Did you change the load after the facts and installation of low rating dimmer?
Do you want to replace your load due to low lighting at your home, rooms, conference room, hotel lobby, etc ?

Now we have the safest solution for you.

Use the Power Booster. What you need is to take your output from your low rating dimmer and install it to the power booster. You need only 2 meter power cable from your old dimmer to the booster and start the control with the same configuration and setting.

We always bring you the best and easiest solution for all power control.
1. Boosting the 1-10 VDC to 2CH/ 10A or 1CH/ 20A
2. Boosting the 0-220 V low amp to 2CH/ 10A or 1CH/ 20A
3. now you can connect any manual dimmer or bus low amp dim free channel, or ballast 0-10 v channel to transferee it to high amp dimmer channel
4. Wall mount type, easy to install
5. Stand alone: that can be connected to any dimmers or 0-10 V products.

For more info, Manuals, Films and others you can visit our website

For installation and Programming Film you can visit
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