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Question How Can I Connect Two Receivers?

When surround sound first came out I bought a Yamaha HTR-5540 5.1 receiver after being promised by the salesperson that I could use a pre-amp and Aux Input for my turntable. I had put off buying into the surround sound concept due to the lack of a phono inputs on the systems at that time. My vinyl isn't going anywhere and I have no desire to transfer my albums and 12" club mixes to CD. Long story short, the pre-amp did not work no matter what I didn't to ground it....that annoying buzz/hum was there to stay and I wasn't going to pay upward of $100 plus to find one that would work. Later I decided I would build a modest but acceptable system strictly for the purpose of enjoying my vinyl and bought an Onkyo TX-8511 stereo receiver with a phono input and a pair of Advent Heritage tower Loudspeakers.

My situation has changed now a few years down the road and I have recently bought a Samsung 32" flat panel but in order to take full advantage of the best possible audio and video quality I need to upgrade my receiver and have decided on the new Onkyo NR-807 so I will have all the possible inputs/outputs I might need including networking. It is going to be a couple of months before I can afford the new NR-807 so with that said here is my question. Can I connect the Onkyo TX-8511 stereo receiver with phono input and ground wire together with my Yamaha HTR-5540 and use my Advent Loudspeaker as the front left and right for the 5.1 and share them with the Onkyo TX-8511 on the A channel? Is this even a possibility to connect the two receivers and what am I getting myself into in doing so? I have no clue which inputs/outputs I would use for this type of connection even if it is possible! This would be a temporary situation until I buy the new Onkyo NR-807. Hopefully I have given you all the specifics you need and given you a clear picture of my situation, if not let me know.

I would really appreciate any input and guidance anyone might be able to provide on this subject!

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