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Smile Re: Favorite classic audio gear?

The list is long and distinguished, but here are the must include:

- Hadley 621 Preamp
- Marantz 7C Preamp
- Audio Research SP3A-1 Preamp
- Marantz 8B Amp
- Audio Research D-75 Amp
- Audio Research D-125 Amp
- Quicksilver MS-190 Amp
- Proceed HPA-3 Amp (Still have)
- Infinity Servo Statik 1
- Quad USA Monitors
- Talisman S Low Output MC (Still have)
- SOTA Sapphire with Gehl's Mat (Still have)
- SME V Tonearm (Still have)
- Acoustech PH-1 Phono Preamp (Still have)
- Nakamichi CR7A Cassette Deck (Still have)

Nothing else needs to be said.
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