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Default Re: Which 1080P for sports?

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
I know it is expensive but I would look at a DVDO VP50 video processor. It really helps with a lot of scaling issues and video maladies.

I am a BIG hockey fan and can say that a professinal calibration is a big deal. My guru is somewhat local to you - Kevin Miller. He posts a lot on this forum. I would recomend you look him up. He can make your set sing.

I like the JVC HDILA rear projection sets as well as the Sony SXRD stuff. Bigger is better.

Also note: there is no native 1080p sport thus the scaling is KEY. I would also get at least one BR or HD DVD player to REALLY see what your set can do.

Anchor Bay just came out with a new DVDO 50 Pro which is HDMI 1.3, etc.

If I was using this as a video processor, would it make sense to get a panel that lets me bypass the panels video section? Then after having someone like Mike set the panel up wouldn't that yield the optimal picture.

After all I could run the BR and Cable box into the DVDO.

Just some thoughts.

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