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Default Re: Please talk me out of buying a CRT TV...

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
While the Lowe Aconda is an amazing TV, it does only have component ins and will seriously limit it's use in the future when all TV's will be switched to digital feeds (HDMI or whatever comes down the pike) There is talk of converter boxes and even federal money to help you buy one, but take that with a grain of salt.
No salt needed - the good HDMI to component (or RGB) converter boxes like the HDFury2 or the PJI-HD EXT-FULLHD work extremely well (I've used every iteration myself on my circa 2002 $40K CRT projector) but you need to be aware that it's extra money of course to get HDMI into your TV.

The HDfury2 (for example) was designed by someone I know who owns multiple $50K Sony G90 CRT projectors and is extremely fussy about image quality.

Stay away from some of the cheaper converters as they provide a softer image, do not distinguish between Rec709 and Rec601 (HD vs SD), and do not clamp black correctly (which results in floating black pedistals or image brightness that wavers from one scene to the next).

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