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Thumbs up Please DON'T talk me out of buying a CRT TV...

Anybody in the Southern California area looking to buy a 57" Sony KP57WS510 CRT Rear Projection set? Yeah Yeah I know, its old CRT technology and the TV is about 5 1/2 years old, but still makes a studio quality picture...I'm not making this up. I am a professional in the TV/Film industry and I work for one of the studios in Blu-Ray Mastering and QC. I've had it ISF calibrated and updated and it still has a Hi-Def picture that will blow you away. I have used it as my reference set to watch Blu-Ray DVDs at home for several years now and I still get compliments on how great the picture is. It is in OUTSTANDING Condition except for a cosmetic scratch on the front bottom skirt where it got hit with something (I think the vacuum cleaner). I'll even try to buff that out for you.

This set got the highest Editor's Choice recommendation at the time it was new from The Perfect Vision magazine and a number of other print outlets. Go ahead, look it up. It was lovingly used and maintained in an air-conditioned and smoke-free environment and was usually only turned on on weekends. This is NOT a TV that was on for 8-10 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The ONLY reason that I am getting rid of it now is because I've re-arranged my living room and cannot fit the darn thing in. I live in a condo and it IS pretty big. Of course, it only has Component and DVI inputs, but I will include an HDMI to DVI adapter cable so you can stay 100% digital (No 1080p unfortunately). It will display 720p or 1080i natively. It also DOES NOT have a HiDef tuner, so you are restricted to only Hi-Def sources like Blu-Ray or Hi-Def cable. Just Google "Sony KP57WS510" then click on Sony's website for the full technical description.

If you need a 2nd BIG-SCREEN HDTV for the den, garage or kid's playroom, this is the perfect set for you. I'm practically giving it away for $400, but since I need to move it out to open up the space, I'll consider ANY REASONABLE OFFER. This set is for PICK-UP only in the Los Angeles area. If you are at all interested, drop me a PM and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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