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Default Re: Notes on BIG DOG DADDY

Kevin, your review was the responsible thing to do.
We cannot always walk around the garbage in our midst, though the stench be mighty, and crowded with teeming millions picking it up and holding it to the light and saying Isn't this beautiful, I must spend my hard-earned money and own this . . . .
Sometimes we must speak up, though we may be as voices crying in the wilderness, and explain the obvious to the oblivious.
And tell them, Come over here and look at this. Steve Earle and Lyle Lovett may be kind of homely, but they don't stink. In fact, they're rather lovely. Listen to them. And just take a look at the babes who married them. There is beauty, and art here, and value.
Leave the big bad dogs, including Mr. Keith, to Mr. Vick.
Country music is a good thing. It's Irish music, transplanted, but without quite the enormous capacity for alcohol consumption. Which still means a smile on your face, a shuffle in your feet and a song in your heart.
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