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Default Re: John Mayer's Continuum is an amazing record

I've gotta catch up on my John Mayer but I am at this point impressed and captivated.
Like Jerry, I found out something wuz up with this whispery affected guy who made the little girls squirm when I saw the stuff he did with Chappelle. (Thanks to Bryan Dailey.) F'ing hysterical. They were made for each other like Laurel and Hardy.
Check out on YouTube his reply to Ryan Seacrust on the red carpet when asked about Jessica Simpson. (I'm respecting Mayer so much it makes me think there might be something to Simpson. Other than, well, you know.)
I always admire artists who throw the successful stuff out the window and take big risks. First he got a bit jazzy. Then downright bluesy. Now he's doing Hendrix?! And beautifully.
He's my new renaissance man.
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