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Default A Comparison Question


I'm purchasing a new turntable and my options are currently crossed between a few different ones. I don't wish to spend over (an accumulated) $300 and I'd prefer if I could listen to it with headphones. I'm not going to DJ/Scratch or anything... only listen to sweet, sweet music.

I'm going to be listening to almost entirely rock (Progressive Rock) and Metal (Black Metal) but also some folk, classical, electronic, etc so the turntable must be able to handle a very diverse range of textures and styles.

I'll be listening to them through Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Headphones.

The three I'm looking at are the:

Audio-Technica AT-PL50
Vestax Handy Trax
Numark TT200 (and may you recommend a pre-amp for the Numark? The rest have an internal system.)

Which of these do you think is the best?

Also, if there is a turntable in that price-range that you recommend over those three then PLEASE give the info!

Thank you,

p.s. First post... hey guys!
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