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Default Re: 5.1 Surround Sound Egg Chair

Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
Are you able to pick/replace drivers or are you stuck with what they give you?
I am assuming you are referring to the speakers.

Well the wiring is all hidden behind the foam, but you have access to the speaker cavities if you would want to place your own 3.5 in.

As for the sub, you'd have to remove the seat, and that might be a small challenge, but I am sure it can be done as I have yet to try.

Now they told me that if I wanted to pick the speakers, I could, but they don't have any options. I'd have to send the speakers to them (new only) or they can purchase them, and that price would be figured into the overall egg chair price.

I listened to the chair at Oshkosh, during the AirVenture 2009 show, and it blew my mind with the memphis they had in there. Checked out the freq response chart and didn't think that it was necessary. Less complications I feel since they have already tested the system out.

They are actually very willing to customize your needs. So if you are interested call the number on their website. I believe you can buy the thing completely empty, or with the foam and speaker housings, if you wanted to customize your own.

They have just a shell up for sale on ebay. It's got problems, but gives you an idea of what you would be working with since they don't have any pictures posted of the shell on there main website.

The chair is wired with 6 terminals that you connect your receiver to "drive" the egg. Each speaker obviously runs to a cross-over. The surround sound speakers all are mid range with tweeters giving you a very powerful sound in all aspects of the spectrum.

I attached some more pictures I found.
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