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Talking Re: Notes on Review of McCartney's Memory Almost Full

I too am a person that appreciates all things Beatles and Macca (although my lapel button said "I Love John"). I have to say that I concur almost entirely on your review of MAF and I would have preferred him to name it Memory Almost Done for obvious reasons.
Sir Paul did this to me once prior with McCartney II which some of my friends see as experimental and testy and I see as experimenting on my Testees.
Considering the breadth and depth of his work (which can only be classified as pure musical genius) I'd like to give him a break, but can't.
Another way to put it MAF is to Macca's best work what Mel Brooks "Dracula: Dead and Loving It" is to Blazing Saddles. You know it's by the same person because they've put their name on it, but you have to question whether or not you're in Bizarro World.
PLUS; I think it's entirely appropriate to take out the whipping stick every once and while, as long as you're willing to reconsider at a later date and admit you were wrong about something you just didn't get. I have friends who force me to eat crow quite regularly when I spin out. PEACE
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