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Default Re: Blu-ray problems

Ok ... just ran out and got a new Samsung 6 series TV... so naturally we got a blu-ray to go with it. We went with the Samsung BD-P1600 because of the PC streaming option. So TV, Blu-ray, Monster 900 HDMI cable, and brand new Kill Bill blu-ray disc in hand, we get home, pop it all in..

......and the disc won't play.

Checked the cables, updated the firmware, tried it again- still no go.
So maybe it was just the Kill Bill disc? So we checked out another blu-ray (this time Boondock Saints, they were all out of Kill Bill) from Blockbuster to try. It looked promising, but still popped up with a message telling us to get the latest firmware update and was unable to play the disc.

We have v. 2.02 ... the latest firmware update. Our region is set correctly (although the Kill Bill Blu-ray was A,B, & C compatible... so it should've worked if you were on this planet). Are there no movies we can watch on our Blu-ray? Is it just the luck of the draw?

I'm really losing hope with Blu-ray if it's going to be a gamble every time you want to watch a new movie..
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