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Default Re: Blu-Ray vs DVD sales

I am inching my way towards buying a Blu-Ray player. I bought an HDMI projector about 18 months ago, and intended to get a Blu-ray player for Christmas 2008. But December 2008 proved more expensive than expected, so I put off the Blu-Ray player purchase. Meanwhile, I was really enjoying playing DVDs through my projector! I have always been a big fan of DVD. A few months ago, I wandered into my local Sony store and enjoyed inspecting the Blu-Ray players there, but also noticed that they had a really nice-looking upscaling DVD player (for about a third of the price of the entry-level Blu-Ray player!) Feeling a bit guilty that I wasn't buying a Blu-ray player, I bought the upscaling DVD player instead. I am now really enjoying watching upscaled DVDs through my projector!

I have noticed that if I look at Blu-rays being played in TV stores, the pictures look very impressive when I stand about five or six feet away, because of the picture detail. However, when I look at Blu-ray video from a normal viewing distance, it does seem very similar to viewing a DVD! I'm aware that there's a bit more detail there, but I'm really too far away to see it properly. The human eye seems to be standard definition, not high definition!

I know an eighteen-year-old who has a PS3 and a high-definition television at home. Theoretically, he has been able to play Blu-rays at home for the last year or so. However, so far he hasn't bought any Blu-ray disks, although he has bought plenty of DVDs. He remarked to me that "Blu-ray is good, but there's nothing wrong with DVD." At the moment, Blu-ray disks tend to be about three times more expensive than DVDs.

I'm very glad that BD-R and BD-RE disks have been invented. I have always thought that recordable DVD was unimpressive because of its low capacity. The 25 gigabyte capacity of recordable Blu-ray disks is much more like it. I have sometimes had the mischievious thought, though, that BD-R and BD-RE disks may be mainly used for recording standard-definition video! We shall see. (I have also had the mischievous thought that HDMI may be mainly used for playing upscaled DVDs, even though it was invented for things like Blu-ray!)

I'm looking forward to getting a Blu-ray player at some stage, so I can finally see Blu-ray high definition, in all its glory, through my projector. But I remain a big DVD fan...
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