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Thumbs down Notes on Review of McCartney's Memory Almost Full

It's Prince Charles' fault. I asked him for permission to review Sir Paul McCartney's latest solo album for AudioVideo Revolution, tho I knew it was your basic audio CD. Prince Charles Andrews, AvRev's Music Editor, green-lit it nonetheless.

Then I bought the album at Starbucks and listened to it carefully, and with the exception of one song, "Everpresent Past," thought it was roobish. The album actually made me very angry, a first in 32 years of reviews.

But it's not my usual MO to publicly trash stuff I dislike; I most often chuck it and review something else I think is more worth the space. I phoned Sir Charles and told him all the reasons I didn't want to review Sir Paul's CD. Charles listened to me intently, then said, "Well, there's your review!" Spoken like a true editor. And he was right, of course.

So I put my impressions in writing, and submitted a review guaranteed not to endear me to anyone in the McCartney camp. C'est la vie. It's posted right now through Aug. 31, 2007 on the AudioVideo Revolution home page, in the Music Reviews index.

Here's the direct link to the archive in case you miss it:
Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full | Music Review | AVREV

I'd be interested to know what your take is on the album, my review, and Sir Paul's everpresent past.

Speaking of AvRev's Music Reviews Archive, it's a fabulous resource that will be all the more valuable when it's searchable, and you can find all the reviews by the writer as well as the artist, etc. This will come to pass soon.

Meanwhile, I've assembled a list of the reviews I've done for AvRev during Prince Charles' reign in my nonexistent spare time. Each has been worth the effort for reasons way beyond any compensation (it's never been about the money). When you have a few minutes to spend, I hope you enjoy them and share your thoughts about them in the Forum as well.

01-01-07: The Beatles, LOVE (CD)
The Beatles - LOVE Review

09-01-06: Bob Dylan, The Best of Bob Dylan (CD) Bob Dylan - Best Of Bob Dylan Review

08-01-06: Jeff Healey & The Jazz Wizards: It's Tight Like That (CD)
Jeff Healey & The Jazz Wizards - It's Tight Like That Review

07-01-06: The Beatles: The Capitol Albums, Vol. 2 (4 CDs)
The Beatles - The Capitol Albums Vol. 2

03-01-06: John Lennon: Working Class Hero: The Definitive Lennon (2 CDs)
John Lennon Working Class Hero

01-01-06: Loggins & Messina's Sittin' in Again Live... (CD)
Loggins & Messina Live: Sittin’ In Again at the Santa Barbara Bowl

12-01-05: Herbie Han****'s Possibilities (CD)****.shtml

12-01-05: Les Paul & Friends' American Made World Played (CD)
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11-01-05: Cream's Live at Royal Albert Hall (CDs + DVDs)
Cream - Live at Royal Albert Hall CDs + DVDs Review

10-01-05: daKAH Hip-Hop Orchestra's San Francisco Debut (CD)
daKAH Hip Hop Orchestra - San Francisco Debut CD Review

-- Stephen K. Peeples, Santa Clarita, Calif.
Stephen K. Peeples: Grammy-Nominated Record Producer, Award-Winning Radio Producer, Writer, Editor, Photojournalist, Web Editor and Marketing Consultant

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