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Default iRidium - New Automation Systems Remote

Suppose the thread would be of some interest for home automation installers and suppliers. iRidium application simplifies the whole installation process making home automation control easy and comfortable.

Here I'd like to give more detailed description of what iRidium is.

Iridium is a multiplatform remote for TCP IP and COM controllers. Presently the application runs on all the iPhone/ iPod Touch devices, Windows Mobile 4.2/5.0/6.0/6.1, Windows XP/7. Not certain about Vista we haven't got it tested yet but it's most likely to run on as well.

iRidium provides thorough support of following controllers:

1) AMX. The application works with AMX original protocol so that you can easily integrate iRidium into your new projects as well as into current ones. The integration takes the efforts compared to the setting up an original AMX panel. To make iRidium's GUI more resembling to the one of the panel we created GUI converter which converts any touchpanel design made in TP4Designer into the format compatible with iRidium. As a result AMX controller treats iRidium like the original panel.

2) AXICO. The support of AXICO controllers was included in the latest version.

The next we're planning to add in near future:

2) EIB
3) C-BUS

Now we're working at new GUI editor which's supposed to create GUI elements and link it with control elements of controller. By the means of this any controller supported by iRidium will get unique GUI of its own.

We never stop improving iRidium that's why your feedback and comments are very important to us. You may complete the registaration form at our website, get the application for free and try it yourself. iPhone and other mobile devices will really give you brand new experience in home automation control.
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