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Default Re: A Blueprint For the Future of High-Resolution, 5.1 Music

Originally Posted by Alexander Jero View Post
I am also developing surround music downloads from my 30 albums collection of titles but my major concern is this: How user friendly fill be lossless downloads if for instance 5 minutes wma 5.1 music clip fill have size about 35MB ? And is that a solution to sacrifice Audio quality to provide end users with lower bit-rate files? Also, are people really prepared to switch to computer systems to listen to surround music?
Try it for yourself. Try purchasing and downloading an album from either MusicGiants or Linn Records. Both of them are offering either 24bit/96Khz or 24bit/88.2Khz stereo and surround recordings. I've used their services and I don't think the wait is too bad and I don't have a screaming fast connection either. Personally, I wouldn't be too impressed with 16bit/48Khz DTS recordings when I could just buy a DVD-Audio disc in higher resolution. I also don't think you have to have AC3 and/or DTS just because it will support a digital connection to someone's A/V receiver. Many people connect their soundcard section directly to amplifiers to take advantage of the superior DAC/analog section. For them, 24bit/96Khz 5.1 WMA surround tracks are a very good option. Maybe you could simply offer several quality and format options.
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