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Default Re: Quiet Sound Issues

Originally Posted by DarHos View Post
I've recently rigged up a Dual 521 turntable to two Technics speakers via a preamp and was satisfied for quite some time. It wasn't till I stuck on some 60s music (Dylan/Beatles etc...) that I noticed certain vocals/instruments are much too quiet. Sometimes the vocals sound too loud in contrast with the quiet music and sometimes vice versa. It should play in Stereo and I know that it's trying to, but some of the sounds are irritatingly dim.

I'm aware that I'm in desperate need of a new stylus but as a result of a rare type, it is taking a long time to get it ordered in. Could this have anything to do with it not picking up all the sounds efficiently? Excuse my lack of knowledge, but I'm quite new to the world of vinyl.

You might try double-checking the leads to the cart. to make sure they are properly placed...incorrect connections could produce the kind of sound you describe....mike
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