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Default TV volume from home theater system

Using our stimulus check (HA) we bought a Sony 46XBR6 LCD and now have it hanging on the wall. Then I found a Sony DAV-IS50 5 speaker + woofer $800 system for $300. Since my wife does not like to see speaker I thought the golf ball size would do well.
This system has cables to the mid/sub woofer cabinet then twisted pair to the 5 speakers. A (looks like) monitor cable connects to the Audio controller/DVD/AM/FM/TV/. When watching TV I can switch from the TV speakers to the audio system speakers with one touch of a button on the remmote.
Now the problem. I cannot get sufficient volume from the TV through the audio system speakers. If I page through the functions and hit the FM I can wake the dead. There are so many options on the TV and audio system but I cannot find how to enable higher volume when watching TV.
The audio to TV is HDMI.
Any suggestions.
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