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Originally Posted by BillD View Post
You will note the use of the words "I believe" in my post. These are my beliefs. They are not any better than your beliefs, nor are your beliefs any better than mine. You believe vinyl sounds better. I believe the more modern formats do. I think there is a lot of science backing up my position, and a lot of anecdotal evidence backing up yours. I'm looking for a reason for this, and I have come to the conclusion (MY conclusion) that it must be familiarity, or just going with the crowd (the audiophile crowd seems to hold vinyl as a darling ó like tubes). I'll give you the benefit of the doubt about not being just a follower.
Regarding tubes, I recently purchased a Pro-Ject Tube Box II phono preamp and compared it to similarly priced SS units and it blows them away, I use some Phillip/Amperex tubes and they sound unbelievable. Not what I remember from tube amps from the 60's with there rich honey like sound.

Also be care full of science, did you ever read the article where Bob Carver made his $800.00 amp sound like a $4000.00 one of Stereophiles choice.

Here's a snippet:

"And he promised that he would make all the mods within his own hotel room near the Stereophile offices, far away from his lab and his company headquarters. Carver won. The egotistical, golden-eared editors of this magazine could not hear the difference between Carverís new amp and the extremely expensive rival. They would throw the switch and nobody could accurately report which amp they were listening to."

We do not understand everything there is to sound and the way we perceive it so it's folly to say because something measures better then it must be better just as Bob Carver proved.
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