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Originally Posted by BillD View Post
Remember, there are no absolutes in this hobby. It's all about how it sounds to you. WHile all people hear similarly, no two people hear exactly alike, and personal preference plays a part too. So, to the poster who said "have you ever heard The Beatles 'Love' album on vinyl - enough said", I prefer it on DTS 5.1 surrround off a DVD-A at 24-bit 96kHz.
That quote was intended for those who are comparing Cd's to Vinyl which is the title of this thread, given the choice between Cd and Vinyl there may be a big difference in what you prefer.

Cd's to me leave out the soul of the music.

My wife summed it up by saying with vinyl you can totally relax, Cd's keep you on edge.

And like I said if Cd's are so superior then why did they bother to invent SACD's?

I would like to sample Blu Ray music to see how that sounds, if it's superior I would have no problem getting a player, but if it is not supported like SACD I don't see the point.

Most of the music I like is from the 70's and 80's and I can pick up a good album for a third the price of a used Cd.

It's funny to read reviews on high end Cd players how they usually say they have an analog like sound, if that's what people are striving for why not go straight to the source.

But this is all only my opinion.
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