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Default Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?

Originally Posted by rlpiii
I'd say the majority of us that are into this hobby can hear a difference between different pre-amps, receivers, power amps, and speakers. If not, then we'd all be happy with the $399 HTIB and not be reading this forum.
When people treat it like a hobby that is when you come up with these silly subjective opinions.

Originally Posted by CaliFan
On the subject of High End processors and any differences: I just set up a new Cary Audio Cinema11a. Wow!

For audio it blows away anything I have heard so far (Anthem, Integra, Classe, Marantz, Arcam).
Did you run DBT's to see if there was a difference in audio?

Originally Posted by wes
Classé also only does Audio as a matter of fact they have no video processing in the SSP-800!
And? If there is no video options for that processor why is the price so high?
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