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I have a few points I would like to add:

1. Measurements are not everything, if they meant so much then no one would listen to a tube amp.

2. If a Cd divides the sound up into pieces and puts it back together surely there will be losses.

3. If Cd's are so superior why does anyone bother with vinyl and why such a discussion?

4. People who go on about the background noise haven't heard cartridges like the Benz Glider or Sumiko Blackbird.

5. When are they going to make Cd's with the artwork of Lp's?

6. Anyone here heard Love by The Beatles on vinyl? Enough said.

I don't hate Cd's I just like vinyl better and they don't make a lot of albums I like on any other medium.

Also did you know that if you play an album at 88mph you will go back to when it was recorded?
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