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Default Re: What is better, LCD or Plasma?

Your choice on LCD or plasma mostly depends on your budget, screen size, and how bright the room is which you usually watch TV.

Generally at 50" and higher you get better value/performance with plasma.

Both types perform fine with a light on for reading. Usually LCD performs better with bright sunlight glaring into the room and TV, but that isn't always true. Many plasma screens are less garing than LCD screens and vice versa.

The best LED/LCD screens are approaching the best Pioneer and Panasonic plasma displays, but they aren't quite there yet. But most people who aren't avid videophiles would be satisfied with the expensive LED/LCD models from Samsung and Sony. But even slightly prefers the older Pioneer Kuro's and some of the newer Panasonic plasma models.

This preference for the best plasma's generally runs through all the best printed and online audio/videophile magazines. Obviously you will find loads of "fanboys" that love whatever HDTV they have (or want), but they haven't been measured and calibrated to the levels that most professiional reviewers do.

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