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Default Re: Sony to launch $100M ad campaign for Blu-Ray

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

I'm at a loss how this applies to HDTV... I guess it's the doctor in me speaking. I hope it helps resolve this war, much as I hope for a resolution to the Iraq 'war'....


Sony could have a point with the 'all Sony' plan. I have found that proprietary systems seem to function more easily. My Sony Blu-ray and Sony TV work together perfectly. Now my Samsung player can have issues that necessitate me going into the setup menu's, while the same player works flawlessly in my bedroom.

I am still optimistic that HDCP WILL soon become functional, I don't know how, or why I am willing to hold onto such and ideal, but it has to in order to make these or any high def format work and be accepted by the masses.

We have had numerous conversations complaining about the dreaded HDCP handshake... Imagine what is going to happen when Joe six pack or Jane box wine buys an HD player and runs into the issues we've worked through?? The player is going to go back to the local store as nonfunctioning and when the second one does the same thing, they will leave the format entirely.

This is a huge issue that hasn't been addressed yet.... Those trying to enter the format war and due to frustration leaving, and likely not to return anytime soon.

Hey Ken, what is going on? You are right!! And this is the reason why I have not yet joined into the fray. As great as the picture and sound is, to me, there is still too much that needs to be resolved. Maybe, while we wait for an end to it, the plasmas, LCDS, DLPS, JVC - IDLA`s will continue to improve and those jaggies and artifacts will become minimal as to not be a bother any longer.
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