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Originally Posted by ptwb123 View Post
Separately, neither Apple TV nor Blu-ray players have excited consumers. People have been wary of the fight between Blu-ray and rival HD DVD players, worrying that they will end up owning the disk equivalent of a useless Betamax player. And Apple TV just didnít seem to have all that many useful things you could do with it.
Blu-ray to Apple TV
I'm not sure why you are picking on ATV? The marketing dollars spend in the last week by Blu-ray proponents easily trumps the marketing budget spent on ATV since inception. If the consumers new how easy it is to use ATV and how upgrade are done so easily more excitement about it would exist.
The reason Blu-ray is barely afloat right now is quite simple..... People don't have the cash to layout $29.99 for a movie.
The turn around time from dvd release to hbo/cinemax release has shortened to 90 - 120 days.
Another problem facing the Blu is that upscaling looks pretty good through a $40-70 DVD player and only the Videophiles really care.
I have seen a $99.00 Blu-ray player @ Walmart on and end cap for 2 months! If you roll back the clock 2 years and had that situation riots to get hands on the box would breakout immediately....Not today.
To the Victor goes the spoils ..... Not today.
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