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Default Re: What is better, LCD or Plasma?

Originally Posted by sykdibnd View Post
I also think the Blacks look better
There should be no question that the blacks are darker with a plasma TV. Darker than what will exist in a Movie theater even. For me I weighed a couple of things on this particular point. How much video do I watch with extreme darkness? For me I concluded not much. How much darkness is there in the programs I watch? Again for me not much, maybe 10% to a high of 20% probably because I watch a lot of sports, news and other programming that tends to be well lit. There are exceptions, of course, like The Cleaner which has a lot of dark scenes.

On the flip side, the reflections that plasmas give off in a well lit room is a deal killer for me. I was in hopes that the Panasonics with the anti-reflective coatings would do it, but my ex partner in my A/V business has one and sadly it was better, but not a winner. Also I use my LCD as a computer monitor and no matter what people tell you about plasmas burn in not being a problem, it still exists in extreme static display use. The Taskbar of Windows and the window outlines are such extreme examples. If my display was going to be used as strictly a HDTV or even gaming I honestly don't think the burn in would be a problem, but that is not the case for me.
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