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Question Which Music Server Do/Would You Use?

I was reading an article today about Apple "flops", and the article made special note that they didn't consider the AppleTV to be a flop...yet. It said since Apple is still tinkering with it that they would leave it off the list for now, but that they expect Apple to pull the plug soon.

I didn't think much of the AppleTV when it first came out. I couldn't figure out what you got for the money. It wasn't until I was looking for a music server or streaming device that I decided to look at the AppleTV. There were several other products that I looked at initially, but my budget was tight so the high end I couldn't consider. There were still several audio only devices in the running (Sonos and Squeezebox among them), but as I was searching some of the results included AppleTV, so I took a look. What I was most interested in was not having to drag my CDs upstairs to the bedroom, but I also didn't want to have to take my iPod out of the car. The AppleTV gave me the functionality I was looking for and cost less than most of the other stuff that was still in the running.

While I don't consider AppleTV to be high-end by any means, it works well for the most part. I do occasionally use the YouTube feature, but video overall was not a big selling point.

Hearing that the product is a flop makes me wonder if there was something that another device would have done better to make it worth the additional cost. If you could pick a server/streaming device for under $1000, what would it be? What would be the biggest selling points on that device?


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