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Originally Posted by Marcel
Must correct serious errors in BillD's story.
The internet is full of serious and valid data, so it really is unnecessary to make so many errors and uninformed claims.
Seriously, Marcel, is it necessary to insult? Just because your internet sources are different than mine (and I might add, undocumented to any extent of your claims) is no reason to insult my assertions. For instance, you claim that 1 bit is 6.02 dB. How can this possibly be? Decibels are dimensionless numbers (logarithms, actually, powers of 10 to be more precise). Therefore, dBs must have a reference value. One bit can express only 2 numbers, zero and one. If your reference value is the zero, and your measured value is the one, the log (1/0) is undefined. So, what was the reference value?

Your other assertions seem to contradict themselves. "Dynamic range on an lp is more than 96dB" and "A pristine LP read with a good stylus can produce a surface noise-to-signal ratio of way over 80dB" and "[dynamic range] is not defined by the signal to noise ratio as many think, it is defined by the molecular structure of vinyl, and the smallest groove that can be imprinted into the material". The latter statement might be true if you consider noise part of the musical material, as many LP fans must. BTW, there is always noise modulation on an LP at -90dB (0dB reference 0.9mV cartridge output).

My conclusion from your statements is that you must have read some article pushing something. Undocumented research is no research at all. Unless you state your sources (these "conclusions of scientific research"), all your assertions are suspect. What I do I suspect is that you have been relying on Meridian marketing literature?
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