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Default Re: What is better, LCD or Plasma?

There are a at least a few half-truths which are more relevant to plasmas of 4 or 5 years ago than to today's sets.

Burn-in is pretty much non-existent in current plasmas unless you abuse the set. Temporary image retention is possible but still fairly rare on todays' plasmas. Energy consumption of the latest plasmas is only a little bit higher than LCDs and may actually be lower, depending on how the set is adjusted and what is being watched.
Power consumption in plasmas is variable and depends on the brightness and color intensity of the material being watched. LCD sets generally use the same amount of power regardless.

Current plasmas work well at much higher altitudes than those of a few years ago and only people living above 7000 ft should have any concern. Some plasmas work fine at altitudes up to 9000 ft. If you don't live in New Mexico or Colorado, you shouldn't have to worry about plasma.

Plasmas do not contribute enormous amounts of heat to a room unless you have poor or no air circulation.

Motion handling in plasmas is very different than for LCDs so things like 120 or 240hz refresh rates are irrelevant to plasma. Plasmas don't have LCD's motion problems.

Many plasmas work perfectly fine in illuminated rooms as long as you are not shining direct sunlight on them. Most TVs or whatever technology don't look their best (or even very good) in brightly illuminated rooms.
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