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Default Re: What is better, LCD or Plasma?

Originally Posted by Stanny1 View Post
LCD is on a growth curve while Plasma is on a plateau. Right now you can buy a 50" Panasonic plasma at Costco for $999. That is a super buy per inch. But please observe the following classic limitations: Plasma does not do well in a bright room. Plasma is heavy. Plasma runs hot. Plasma has problems at high altitude. Plasma consumes more energy. Plasma can have a problem with burn-in. But if you can limit room light, keep your picture moving, buy a more expensive/stronger mount, and are not concerned with the BTU increase in the room, it's the best picture for the money. You don't need 120 or 240hz motion control - plasma is equivalent to 600hz.
But the trend is clear. The Asian manufacturers decided about 3 years ago to go LCD. Pioneer found that consumers wiould only pay so much for picture quality. The simple fact is that it will be cheaper to make LCDs in the near future. In December, Vizio will bring out a 55" LCD with LED backlighting and internet apps like direct Netflix streaming built-in,all for an introductory retail price of $2200. Plasma makers are not even trying to match this feature set.
So buy your Kuro or Panasonic plasma soon. Plasma will soon be where projection LCD is - gone. Simply, there will be no profit in plasma. They already gave up the smaller sizes. LCD is much cheaper to make under 42". Soon it will be under 55".
LG and Sharp have huge LCD panel factories where they cut down huge wall-sized LCD panels into consumer-sized sets. 55" is the sweet spot now. Soon, it will be 60" or 70". Sony buys their panels from Sharp. Vizio buys from LG. There is no advantage in making your own. The panels are just too cheap to make to justify many manufacturers.
The truth is that you cannot scale plasma panels to the same economics. That's why you won't see much larger if any larger plasma panels in the future. We will be stuck at 50" plasma or so for a while if not forever.
So pick up your plasma now for a song. Darken your room and turn up the AC. It's worth it for the picture quality at the price.
Me, I have a 50" LCD. I'm waiting for a 100" so I don't have to buy a projector.
Much of what you are saying here is based on myths, half truths and LCD manufacturers marketing hype. Please do some thorough research before posting such LCD hype.
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