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Default Re: Are cables the weak link in your system?

The typical woofer has between 125-250 feet of standard OFHC Copper. A midrange speaker will have between 50-100 feet and a tweeter about 10-25 feet. Not even the most expensive speakers use 12 gauge thickness as a rule or the voice coil windings would be way too thick. I don't dubt that there are a couple of incredibly expensive speakers that employ exotic wire as a selling point, but most definitely not as a measureable acoustic point.

What makes anyone think that the 6 to 10 feet of 12 gauge copper or silver wire going from the amp to the speaker will be less than overkill? I generally use 12 or 14 gauge because it is cheap enough to be using overkill.

The only time you may need 12 gauge or larger diameters if the speakers are incredibly far, or if you have 4 ohm speakers that have impedance dips to around 2 ohms. But even with 2 ohm loads a 12 gauge wire can be used up to 30 feet and a 10 gauge wire up to 50 feet before there is a possibility of audible degradation.

If any of this wire humdrum were really true, how come there isn't a great scientific push for better wiring so your light bulbs would have clearer and fuller spectrum light, or your electric razor would work better, or your electric rangetop would work more efficiently.

Uh oh, now I did it--Monster Cable will be marketting these items shortly :-)

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