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Default Re: Is Blu-Ray worth it with a 720P plasma?

With Blu-Ray, the quality is very much dependent on the source material. I have an Epson TW600 projector (not sure what it's called on your side of the world) which does 1080i/720p and you don't see much difference between an upscaled DVD of Starship Troopers and the Blu-Ray version. Same goes for the Terminator series. These are the only movies I have duplicates of.

Where you do get a dramatic improvement is in the older movies made on wide format film and given the restoration treatment such as Battle Of The Bulge made in Ultra Panavision 70 or The Searchers made in Vista Vision. They look simply stunning and even impressed a film buff mate of mine. Can't wait for Ben Hur and Lawrence of Arabia to make it to Blu-Ray in Region B.
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