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Default Re: Is Blu-Ray worth it with a 720P plasma?

I have both a Panasonic 42" 720P Set and a Panasonic 50" 1080P (Plasmas) set (one in the living room and one in the media room) both hooked up to Bell Satelliite with HD, and 1 24" wide screen LCD on my computer in my office at home. All three have blue ray players. The basement system has a blue ray player that I borrowed off a friend until I can get my hands on the latest Oppo 83 Blue ray player. The Sony BD-S350 I purchased from my local store up here for under $200.00 cdn! The only time I see a marginal difference is when I play a DVD in the actually looks worse on my 50"1080P set which is a top of the line unit! I would even say that my $1K 42" set looks better than my $2K 50" set while watching HD TV (Satellite)! It's easy to do a test though. Just pop in the "Planet Earth" DVD and then switch to the Blue Ray version and the difference is spectacular....and I still can't see the difference on either set even though the 50" has 2 x the pixel count when playing the BD version of "Planet Earth"

When I watch DVD's or BR's on my computer, I am always amazed at the amount of artifacts that I seen in film, especailly older movies that are converted to the new format.

I plan on getting a projector with a motorized drop down screen too within 6 months.

And I agree with Palmharbor on his experience with this too! And the moderator has helped clarify what's going on too.
In the end all I can say is that we are all winners in this new format.
If I can make a recommendation for those on a tight budget: Don't be sucked in to buying one of those HTIB's: Home Theater in a Box. Go out and buy a good reciever like the new Pioneer Elite at well under $1K, then get yourseld a good BD player like a Panasonic or Sony for about $200. Get a good plasma or LCD like a Panasonic 42" 720P for under $1k, For speakers I went with a 5.1 system consisting of 3 Dreamcather Speakers from Totem and their Thunder sub and for rears I went with the small 800 series from Def Tech...the four speakers are on brackets on the wall and the center is under the TV. I could have gone with Def Techs all around however I love the sound of TOTEM.
Now sit back and enjoy the view! Cheers everyone!

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