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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

You may initially notice the change when you replace your cables but after a few weeks or if you don't listen often you won't remember the difference.

I've read reviews in magazines and on line that some cables have this or that sound. Reviewer go to great lengths to describe the differences a cable makes in their system.

Cables should NOT effect the sound at all. Cables should be like Doctors( at least in theory): "they should do no harm." Or, in this case not add or subtract anything.

I have not scientific evidence to support this but I think the real issue is the matching of equipment in the system.

Does anyone know if the impedence differences between the components effects the sound of a system?

Maybe we should be paying more attention to how the pieces of electronics interact with one another via the cables rather than just the cables.

Just some random thoughts on a Sunday morning on my part.

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