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Default Re: Are cables the weak link in your system?

Originally Posted by GrtGrfx View Post
ROLF. I went in one day from trailer trash to a rocket scientist. Any more tired clichés you can throw at me?

I don't need an engineering degree or a track in Michigan to field-test a car. I could buy a signal splitter and some high-end cable and compare it to my "zip cord," and maybe one day when I have some spare cash I will. But in the meantime, I can depend on other educated people who know more than I do, and I can decide by myself if I think their information is reliable or not. I don't need white papers but I do pay attention to disinterested observers. You do not appear to be a disinterested observer because you have an emotional stake in the outcome.

So when will you get off your high horse and stop insulting people who don't agree with you? Say...are you one of those home-schooled, pro-life, neo-con, small government, intelligent-design people? That might explain the intensity of your feelings in the face of opinions countering your belief systems.
For the record, people who think Adam & Eve rode dinosaurs to church and believe the earth is only 6,000 years old and who want to kill anything that moves in the Middle East while they lobby against abortion and FOR the death penalty while claiming to be "Christian", are certifiably crazy. I am proudly liberal by nature, fine with the earth being billions of years old, that an event called "the big bang" did take place and that in no way contradicts my own Christianity. In my version of that religion, this Jesus character that in the right wingers world is pro-war, pro death penalty, anti-choice, fearful and hateful of minorities, is actually founded on the idea that you do not judge people and are forgiving by nature and does NOT favor preemptive war and fearmongering as the primary means to influence people. But that's just me. And single payer health care is the way to go. These idiots saying "that's socialized medicine" have NO FREAKING IDEA what that even means or WHY they're even opposed to it. Hopefully, that satisfies your wonderings as to my political leanings. I can see why you'd be confused. The supposed democrats in the house and senate are the most milk-toasty bunch in the history of the country. Only they could have clear majorities in the house and senate and have a wildly popular president in the white house and STILL manage to not get a single thing done the way it should be. Unbelieveable....

So you won't test cables and are arguing with me because you read on the internets and interwebs that it can't make a difference.....and you're wondering why I'm ragging on you a bit???
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