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Default Re: Are cables the weak link in your system?

Originally Posted by GrtGrfx View Post
Oh, and "speed-rated" cables. Yeah, saw about 20 google hits, all from that bastion of truth and fair pricing, Monster Cables. You call THAT an example of my ignorance? Please. Most audiophiles look at Monster the same way we do Bose, as an embarrassment to the industry with outrageously inflated claims and equally inflated pricing.
Cables have capacitance and inductance, and manufacturers use various methods to eliminate RF noise from getting into the cable. Some use various methods of shielding while Transparent Audio & MIT use "network" modules that are in-line passive RF filters to put it simply to further reduce noise in addtion to shielding. And all those things contribute to sound quality in a cable. Want me to prove one cable can sound better? Fine. Go buy some speaker cable at Home Depot. Get the same length Transparent Audio HP142 at $1.95 cents a foot. Have a friend with some time to kill on your behalf hook up one set, listen to some simply recorded acoustic music with female vocal, some piano is always good. Then have them switch to the other, keeping which a secret from you. The difference will smack you in the face, and you will not even need to ask him which was which. Please refrain from any more cable bashing until you do this.
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