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One has to imagine with the sucess of the Wii so far (still hard to find in stores), an HD version will come out someday.
Not going to happen this generation.
That would completely destroy the main advantage it has over the PS3 & 360, it's price.
While it costs more to produce a PS3 or 360 than what they are sold for at retail the wii has made a profit from day 1.

I don't care how good wii sports looks in HD no one is going to pay $450+ for a wii, the gimmicky controller wears thin soon & there is just no games for it other than wii sports & Zelda (both launch games) & wii sports was a free bundle.

I have several friends with wii's & they are just collecting dust unless a niece or nephew come over.

Nope Nintendo will not go HD on the wii, they had a brilliant marketing idea, by repackaging the slow selling game cube with a "cool" controller & packaging it with the best game for the wii so far they have sold a ton of them & made a profit from the start.
maybe in 5 years the next gen wii will be HD, by then it will be much cheaper to implement.
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