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Default Re: Are cables the weak link in your system?

Originally Posted by Captain Stereo View Post
This is getting silly. I have something against stupid comments that declare something as fact when in fact it is a prejudice such as 'cables don't make a difference'. I can prove they do, but cable haters NEVER have the balls to actually take up that challenge. They just argue that it can't and don't need to. Fine, enjoy your cables from the 'Shack' and live it up. And you don't need to prove your intelligence by correcting spelling and telling me how you read the newspaper. Try reading articles on why cables DO make a difference if you're going to make declarative statements in an A/V forum.
Ha ha. you can prove they do, but you don't. You say haters can't prove they don't, but any number of double-blind studies have done just that. So when did you stop beating your wife? Obviously the haters get no financial incentives for their negative opinions.

Feel free to link to a few articles saying that cables make a difference and we'll see if they are sponsored by the audio industry. We can just as well say, if you hear a difference in cables (or you hear voices telling you to write in AV forums, perhaps), fine, listen to them. But there's no science backing your observations.
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