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Default Re: Are cables the weak link in your system?

Originally Posted by GrtGrfx View Post
You know, while my original post was meant to be ironic, you've deftly moved into the arena of clumsy, sputtering diatribe against people you know nothing about, using petty, jingoistic "cracker" trash talk to make your points. I don't get where you're coming from, but judging from your condescending remarks, you seem to have a real chip on your shoulder about poor people. Unfortunately, I...

a) do not, nor have I ever, lived in a trailer park, housing project or "the other side of the tracks"
b) do not collect, keep or own tchochkes (note the actual spelling, you're not Jewish either) or use laminate shelving,
c) do not watch or pay any attention to daytime television because I personally find it tragically boring, maudlin, facetious or melodramatic (with bad acting to boot),
d) do read the entire contents of at least one national newspaper, several magazines and follow numerous industries besides my own online almost every day, and
e) have far above the neanderthal IQ of your supposed Appalachian trailer park resident. But five out of five FAILS aren't bad.

I do not own any "cheap crap," (and most of the posters in this forum who agree with me don't either) and although I have never paid full price for any of my assembled gear, all are midrange or better hifi components from respected makers like Denon, NAD, Harman Kardon and NHT. The only thing I didn't spend hundreds of dollars on were cables, and that's not damaging my appreciation for music and video one bit. So while you may target MY post simply because it was the last in line and you're too lazy to read further back to belittle other posters, your vitreolic arguments still have no credibility because you haven't bothered to cite any scientific sources or make any provable statements. It's all opinion all the time, and yours is no better than anyone else's.

Captain Stereo, indeed. Come outa your Cracker Jack box, give back the decoder ring, and live in the real world with the rest of us.
This is getting silly. I have nothing against people in economic hard times something against stupid comments that declare something as fact when in fact it is a prejudice such as 'cables don't make a difference'. I can prove they do, but cable haters NEVER have the balls to actually take up that challenge. They just argue that it can't and don't need to. Fine, enjoy your cables from the 'Shack' and live it up. And you don't need to prove your intelligence by correcting spelling and telling me how you read the newspaper. Try reading articles on why cables DO make a difference if you're going to make declarative statements in an A/V forum.

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