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Default Looking for on-wall speaker ideas

I recently setup a theater in my basement. We have mounted the TV about 40 inches off the floor, so I'm not effectively able to use my floorstanding speakers for proper surround setup. (Also, wife doesn't want floorstanders on riser or anything.)
Was thinking of looking into some on-wall or bookshelf speakers to place on either side of TV (prefer to have on-wall). I have been using the Paradigm monitor series speakers, but would possibly like to upgrade some either with Paradigm or something else.
I'am currently using a Integra DTR 7.7 (100wpc) for power, so I wanted to stay with something that would work with this. Any speaker recommendations you could give would be great! My budget is $1000-$1500. I have looked at the Paradigm Studio Esprit, but dealer did not have any to audition. (my room is 12ft x 22ft)

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