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Default Re: Are cables the weak link in your system?

Originally Posted by GrtGrfx View Post
That's a crap response. If you have a 6' HDMI cable (I do) and compare it to any other 6' cable, you get the same 1s and 0s on the other end. This discussion is NOT about signal loss. Further, while I think Vizio product is pretty amazing for the price, and it's rude of you to denigrate them for their accomplishments, I am more than happy to watch on my Panasonic industrial plasma. I happen to know how to calibrate a TV signal, because, duh, you CAN tell the difference between a blown-out TV fresh from the big-box store and a calibrated set that you watch in a dim room. But HDMI cables, not so much.

And nope, never heard of speed-rated cables, sounds like Monster voodoo economics to me. If you want to talk about HDMI 1.2 vs. 1.3 or even the new 1.4 standards for 3D (which some enterprising manufacturer has already announced for sale even before the defining HDMI body has even implemented TESTS), go right ahead. But cable companies are selling snake oil, and you, my friend, are lining up to buy it.

Finally, if you've ever lived through a natural disaster, (and I fondly remember the last big earthquake in West Los Angeles in, oh, '94) you wouldn't bring THAT up either. Get off my lawn!!
You are clearly one of those people happy to live in ignorance, so be happy. If you think cables are snake oil, that certainly is in keeping with saying you're happy with your $3 video cables. Anyone with an open mind, and this clearly would not be you, can see the difference in cables and hear the difference as it regards audio cables and speaker cables. Funny how people who say it's snake oil always own cheap crap. So be happy with it. And google speed ratings for cables. It's not complicated. You might have to turn off Judge Judy and actually pay attention while you read, but it's plain science. And I'm not even going to bother responding to your feigned indignation over living through an earthquake. Glad you and all the chatchkies on your laminate shelving made it through intact.
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