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Default Mobile Projectors for my RV / campfire use?

I know it's not really home theater, but do you guys have any feedback as to mobile projectors for use in my RV / outdoors use? I'm looking at the Benq 100 lumen unit, Dell M209 (50 lumens) or the AAXA P1 projector (12 lumens). I'm really leaning towards the AAXA mobile projector because it's the only one that is truly battery powered but it's also only 12 lumens??? Will that be enough? Or should I go with something else?

Oh and I really want an LED only projector because I've had projector lamps break frequently in the RV (probably due to the bumps)

Here's the specs:

What do you guys think? 12 lumens ok for some minor video watching at night or should I go with a brighter unit? There's also a Samsung one that has 160 lumens I think but it's pricey...
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