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Default Re: Is Blu-Ray worth it with a 720P plasma?

With Blu-Ray, you get a better VIDEO and AUDIO set of specs. Which means your DVD media quality is dependent on the source material and a great cheaper set (maybe a 720p Pioneeer Kuro Plasma vs a 1080p Kuro Plasma) which is a plasma may /more than likely outperform significantly better than say some mass produced 1080i L:CD set in a large number of the aspects of the set. However, if we stay with video your Blu-Ray player may be able to enhance the video of a standard DVD to a video quality that would be almost equal to the quality of a Blu-Ray. In addition, to the quality / age of the source/movie, is the distance that you watch your movies. If you are are in excess of 15' of a 50" set, then the extra pixels might be a waste. Lastly, if the set is smaller than 40" and you sit closer, again the extra pixels might be a waste. Overall, I try to buy a set based on a number of parameters and not just one. Video: Owner of a Sony BDP-S1 and 60" 1080p Kuro .
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