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Default Re: Is Blu-Ray worth it with a 720P plasma?

Originally Posted by Bob Walters View Post
I hate to be the "bubblebuster" but with my Panasonic 720p display hooked up to HD-DVD player at one input & an OPPO DVD player at another, at 10 feet I [and others] saw NO APPRECIABLE difference between the two. A difference...yes... but not enough to change my entire library, buy new equipment & new HD-DVD's [in the generic sense]. Substitute Blu-Ray for HD DVD at any point within the thread. Again, a SUBJECTIVE observation.........your mileage may vary.
I think what you describe the JND, or just noticeable difference. That is something I am not will to put out $300 for.
My Samsung has a dv output that I convert to HDMI and use w/the Marantz and it works just fine.
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