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Default Re: Is Blu-Ray worth it with a 720P plasma?

I have untill recently used a Pioneer 50"HD ready panel with a Pioneer blu ray player .......set the player to Auto Resolution and this upscaled DVDs to 1080i with stunning success and blurays looked great at that resolution .

Now bought a Sony XBR 55" HD LCD/LED panel which has a stunning pic and still using the Pioneer .when set to Auto DVD is upscaled to 1080p and 1080i blu rays to 1080p as well .
Result: DVD- pic is very soft lacking detail ;
Bluray - if the native redolution is 1080i , the 1080p pic is marginally softer .

Had Pioneer in ....used another player with same results - they said it was the panel not accepting the upscaled picture and faulty .
Had Sony in to check the panel , set the Blu ray player to "Native resolution" and let the panel do all the upscaling and all pics were absolutely great .Sony says nothing wrong with the panel as the issue is that the panel must do the upscaling from 480i to 1080p and not to do this in the player - always output the native resolution to a full HD panel is the message , as the panel must do the scaling and not both .

Question really is :
1.what wud happen if I did not have a Blu ray player capable of a " Native Resolution" setting - wud I just have to live with a bad picture and how does one fix this ?
2.Why is this happening and are the issues raised by Sony correct and apllicable to all HD panels ?

I took my DVD to a retailer and did the same test on the same panel .....same results .

any comments /explanation???
Thanks you
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