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Default Re: Are cables the weak link in your system?

You know, digital IS just 1s and 0s. What else CAN they be? And Radio Shack makes some very nice 12G speaker cables. So there. Wow, go back to that castle in the sky where you can see and hear things the rest of us can't...

OK, that was a bit insulting. All I know is that I don't see a difference between an expensive HDMI cable and a $3 off-brand. And I don't hear a difference between a $200 Monster interconnect and a Radio Shack gold-series cable. And I think that I have very accurate hearing, because even with cheap cables, I see and hear all the distortion and recording problems that are present in otherwise "clean" recordings.

It's a pity, however, that I am over 50 and my nice, accurate hearing is bound to go before I can afford to buy the super-premium high-end electronics that are sure to let me hear even more of what is locked in all my favorite recordings. Sigh.
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