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Default Re: I have given up on dealers. Does anyone else feel the same?

I might have been a bit off my game in not responding well last week. I had asked the question “I have given up on dealers. Does anyone else feel the same”. Well a dealer responded, not a consumer, and I did not address that directly. When you re read his posts you may see the unfriendly and harsh attitude that caused me to make the first post. He did not show any respect for his consumers.

Note how he put down consumers. Apparently, consumer had come into his store and NOT taken his advice. Therefore they were bad people who bought things on the internet. (He even mentions a specific store, one I had not heard of). When he says that they did other bad things, like buy “grey Market” items, he is implying, of course, that they had taken his advice and done something unsavory. How does he know? Why make this assumption?

At no time did he suggest that they DIDN’T take his advice and looked for a similar item elsewhere. Or that shopped, “legitimately (in his world)” for a lower price. He added a layer a “sleeze”. To him they were “Judge Judy watching guy(s) wearing sweat pants in his apartment.” Or he says they don’t “pay a living wage with benefits.” That is not my issue, but how does he know? “Quit going to big box stores and go to your local specialty retailer instead. Most offer price matching for products in common with other local dealers and are more price competitive than you might think.” Seriously, the Big Box Stores like best Buy and PC Richards have, on sale, given me great buys and good service, including returns. My specialty dealers did not give much off anything and rarely ran sales. WE DO NOT NEED TO GIVE EXCUSES FOR TRYING TO SAVE MONEY.

He got upset if a forum, even this forum, had members liking and suggesting other items that he had not recommended. He put down those posters. I like hearing from posters and I do listen to their suggestions. If a few people try and item and like it makes me want to check it out. Also, if enough people complain about something, well, that serves as a warning. I know when I post I try to be as honest as possible. It has become typical for me, and part of the reason for my original post, for dealers to feel they have the only valid opinion, when they ALWAYS promote the products they carry. I have been to a dozen dealers saying that their brand of CDs, Speakers, DVDs are the best. I have also heard dealers say that they wanted to carry a brand they liked but couldn’t, often for contractual reasons.

When shopping for the right product at the right price, FOR ANYTHING, (Stereo, Car, toaster, or shoes) I do not want to be considered the enemy for considering price, convenience, ease of purchase and quality.
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