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Default Re: Stereo subs - Do they rock or is it overkill?

Originally Posted by stevign View Post

They "shake" the floor well enough during movies. There may be better systems out there for " Home Theatre" and I'm sure there is but I have no "need" to invest money in them. Besides, it's really music reproduction I'm after. Incidentally, I have a CD copy of this to blow my friends away; the Vandys allow the sound of the cannon to come through so well it's staggering.

"Wellington's Victory, recorded in 1960, is played by the London Symphony Orchestra with a pair of 6-pound cannon and a 12- pound howitzer, along with French and British muskets, also courtesy of West Point"
Then I am happy for you and you have what you want. Like I said, we all have different things we are looking for in music. For me, that is where the subs have made the biggest difference, but I am not you. You are fortunate you have what you want without having to spend the extra money. I would never be happy, but again, that is just me, not you. Good Listening!!!!!!
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